Episode 4 – New Modes, Twitch Own3d, Dotabuff Rating, Source Filmmaker

12 Feb

Double Damage is back! After a long hiatus we have a new recording studio and are going to be releasing Dota 2 content once again! On this episode we discuss many recent news stories in the Dota 2 world, highlight the source Filmmaker, and talk for a little while about what we have been doing on our hiatus. Leave a comment on the blog with a suggestion or question and we will address it on our next podcast! Thanks for listening and be sure to subscribe!

Direct Download / Stream – Double Damage Episode 4


New Episodes Coming Soon!

4 Feb

Podcast fans! I know it has been forever but we are back and new Dota 2 episodes will be up shortly! Please comment on here real quick if you get this update in your feed, we are trying to assess the best way to go about getting the word out. Thanks for sticking with us!

AFK Episode 2 – Diablo 3, Trine 2, Guild Wars 2, Urbex

9 Apr

This week we talk Diablo 3 classes, how Trine 2 is only fun if you don’t levitate and how Zugare will be the coolest lookin guy in GW2. Autech goes and explores some dumps to take broken glass.


Direct Download / Stream >>Double Damage AFK Episode 2<<


Episode 3 – Syllabear, Countering Pubstomps, Competitive News, Lich

5 Apr

This week on the Double Damage Dota 2 podcast we talk about the latest edition to the Dota 2 Beta, Syllabear. We also talk in great length about how to counter more of the common pubstomp heroes that are encountered often, round up the latest competitive news, answer questions from the listeners, and have a discussion about everyone’s favorite support hero; Lich. Next week we will be doing some Beta Key giveaways so make sure to subscribe to the RSS feed to be in the know! Also leave any questions or comments you may have in the comments section and we will answer them on next weeks podcast.

Direct Download / Stream >> Double Damage Podcast Episode 3 <<

0:52 – Syllabear

8:05 – April Fools Heroes

10:47 – Countering Commong Pubstomps

32:00 – Pro Zone

42:50 – Dota Dudes / Listener Questions

1:06:15 – Dotarito – Lich

Bonus Episode – AFK – Thunderstone, Orcs Must Die, Comic-Con

31 Mar

Every week the Double Damage Podcast is going to bring you a bonus podcast, in which we discuss things that we are into besides Dota 2. In this episode we talk about the boardgame Thunderstone Advance, the popular tower defense game Orcs Must Die, as well as go into some talk about computer upgrades and comic con. Thanks for listening and leave your questions and comments below! Also be sure to subscribe to our RSS feed, as we are going to be doing some giveaways in the near future.

Direct Download / Stream >>Double Damage AFK Bonus Episode<<


Episode 2 – Lycan, Dota2 vs LOL, Listener Feedback

28 Mar

On this episode the main topic and theme is League of Legends vs Dota 2 mindset, and we give our thoughts as to why it is such an object of contention within the community. Make sure to leave your questions and comments on the comments section and we will address them on the next episode! Also a quick word for those who are subscribed in iTunes or wish to, since we are not listed yet in the iTunes store in order to listen to Double Damage within iTunes simply click the RSS subscription button on the right, and select iTunes as your preferred method. This will list us in your iTunes podcasts tab!

Direct Download / Stream –>>Double Damage Episode 2<<–


1:05 – Lycan, Patch

7:53 – Bots

14:35 – AP Carries vs Int Heroes

26:55 – Dota 2 Ranking System

36:34 – Matchmaking, Most picked / banned heroes

44:24 – Dotahut.com discussion

50:00 – Listener Questions / Comments

69:40 – Venomancer


Episode 1 – Introductions, Hard Carries, Hero Tier List

17 Mar

Welcome to Double Damage, the premier weekly Dota 2 podcast! This week we introduce ourselves, as well as get into the specifics of the Dota 2 metagame. SquareOne gives us his take on how to effectively play a hard carry, Zugare brings us a Dota 2 hero Tier List, and Dirtyjoe tells us how NOT to play Pudge. Leave your questions and comments below and we will address them on the next episode, we would love to hear from you! Make sure to subscribe with any RSS feed aggregate of your liking.

Direct Download / Stream – Double Damage Episode 1

3:46 – (Go Back to League) Hard Carries
18:52 – (Pro Zone) The Defense tournement and the current Metagame
31:46 – (Dota Dudes) Hero Tier list http://www.esfiworld.com/feature/dota-2-competitive-hero-tier-list-march-2012
51:12 – (Dotarito) Pudge Discussion
62:46 – (AFK) Fortune Summoners, To The Moon, Mass Effect 3, Community


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